Enhancing the Urban User Experience in Downtown San Jose


We firmly believe that the most captivating component of any city is the people that live, work, visit, and create within it; Urban Community strives to create exceptional environments that catalyze community at every layer.

Downtown San Jose is the collective expression of a new urban way of life where nature, community, and opportunity play to a different rhythm, and people’s passions shape the future. Defined by world class weather, unparalleled diversity, affordable living, and amazing career opportunity, San Jose possesses the makings of a world-class city.

Urban Community is collaborating with community members, designers, technologists, city officials, and builders alike to re-envision downtown San Jose. Together we are redefining urbanism and community equity while pragmatically experimenting with "Smart City" initiatives. Our hope is that Downtown San Jose will be a city designed to adapt and support the rapidly changing way we all live. It will be a place where you know your neighbors, input your ideas, and best of all, contribute to the greater community. We are shaping San Jose into a people-first city; a city with a soul. 

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